Foldable Multipurpose Stainless Steel Grabber


1.5M Foldable Snake Catcher Tongs Multipurpose Stainless Steel Wide Jaw Reptile Grabber Stick Tool For Catching Handling Snakes


Professional snake forceps: sizes, 1.2m (47.24in), 1.5m (59.05in) the right length to move any size snake and other lizards or reptiles.

Product features:                                                                                                                        Foldable with lock. High quality professional stainless steel extra heavy duty. Ergonomic handle, exclusive pistol grip with good quality handle that makes it comfortable to use and easy to store.                                                                                                                      Product packaging:                                                                                                                              1@ snake catcher.
Multiple function:                                                                                                                              Snake pliers can be used for camping, removal of reptiles, capture or separation snakes, etc. It can also be an essential collection tool for the kitchen, for fishing or as a litter collector.
Professional zigzag jaw:                                                                                                                 The enlarged blunt “teeth” make it effective on all snakes inclusive of small snakes and no damage to snakes or reptiles.
Recommend using 1.2m with appropriate length.















Additional information

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Pest Type



Mainland China


snake catcher stick


snake tongs


snake catcher


snake catcher stick

Feature 5

Eel clip

Feature 6

garbage tongs

Feature 7

Mud Fish clamp

Feature 8

pick up tool

Metal Type

Stainless Steel


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