4K 8MP WIFI Outdoor Auto-Tracking Surveillance Camera



JLeeok 4K 8MP Dual Lens PTZ WIFI Camera Dual Screen Ai Human Auto Tracking Outdoor 4MP Security CCTV Surveillance IP Camera Tuya
*HD 4K 8MP, Dual-lens dual-sensor dual-screen, wide-angle Viewing + Long Distance Viewing to achieve clear monitoring from far and near;
*Support Mobile Detection – Real-time Detection, Real-time Alarm;
*Support Automatic Tracking – Intelligent Identification, Monitoring All the Way;
*Support Intelligent AI Humanoid Tracking – Real-time Recognition and Intelligent Monitoring;
*Support Smart Full-Color Night Vision – Worry-Free Protection Day and Night;
*Support PTZ Rotation – All-Round Vision Control;
*Support IP66 waterproof – Ultimate Protection for Harsh Environments;
*Support 10x Digital Zoom – Remote Detail Capture and Panoramic Observation;
*Support Two-Way Audio – Real-time Interaction and Remote Communication;
*Support Max 128GB Memory Card and Cloud Storage – Flexible Storage Options;
Packing list
1x Dual Lens Camera
1x User Manual
1x Screws Bag
1 x 3M Power Adapter

Warm tips: the SD Card is optional.
Dual Lens and Dual Screen
There are 2 video screens in the APP; the upper one is a fixed-position camera, and the lower is a PTZ camera.
Intelligent AI Humanoid Tracking – Real-time Recognition and Intelligent Monitoring
Our surveillance cameras are equipped with intelligent AI human-shaped tracking functions. They can automatically identify human bodies using advanced artificial intelligence technology and perform intelligent tracking and full-process video recording to achieve full-process monitoring and protection. Whether in a home, commercial area, or public place, this function will provide a more advanced and intelligent monitoring experience.
Automatic Tracking – Intelligent Identification, Monitoring All the Way
Our surveillance cameras have advanced automatic tracking functions, allowing you to constantly identify and monitor dynamic targets. Whether at home, in a commercial area, or a public place, this feature will enable the camera to track moving objects automatically and can be set to record the entire process, allowing you to keep an eye on critical events.
Sound and light alarm
Red and blue warning lights flash with sound and light for multiple warnings.
Smart Full Color Night Vision – Worry-Free Protection Day and Night
In order to ensure that your security monitoring needs are met at any time, our cameras provide clear and high-definition surveillance images during the day and show amazing color night vision effects, making images clearer and more vivid in the dark. Whether for home security, business surveillance, or other uses, our smart color night vision cameras will be your reliable choice.
The camera supports 3 modes of switching: full-color night vision mode, infrared night vision mode, and intelligent night vision mode.
PTZ Rotation – All-Round Vision Control
The camera has an excellent pan/tilt function, providing a comprehensive and flexible view control experience. Whether monitoring a large area or tracking a specific target, the PTZ function allows you to quickly and freely adjust the camera’s orientation, angle, and zoom to achieve precise monitoring and recording, ensuring you will not miss any crucial details.
Horizontal rotation: 270° / Vertical rotation: 90°.
IP66 waterproof – Ultimate Protection for Harsh Environments
The camera is equipped with an excellent IP66 waterproof function, providing excellent protection and ensuring that the camera can continue to work stably in various harsh environments. Our cameras will always guard your safety, whether it is hot summer, cold winter, or changeable weather.
Two-Way Audio – Real-time Interaction and Remote Communication
The camera has a built-in high-quality microphone and speaker, allowing you to have real-time two-way voice conversations with people in the monitored area. You can communicate with them through the mobile phone application, whether communicating with family members, guiding visitors, or conducting remote child care. This function will bring you a more comprehensive and intelligent monitoring experience.
Max 128GB Memory Card and Cloud Storage – Flexible Storage Options
Our surveillance cameras have flexible and diverse storage functions, providing you with comprehensive storage options to ensure your surveillance data is safe and reliable. Whether you prefer local storage or cloud storage, our cameras can meet your needs.
High-Speed Wireless Connection
The built-in WIFI module lets the camera easily connect to your home network to realize fast data transmission and interconnection functions. Regardless of the application scenario, as long as it is within the coverage of WIFI, the WIFI version will provide you with an excellent experience. (It only supports 2.4G WIFI, not 5G WIFI.)
Supports Connection to Alexa and Google Assistant- Intelligent Monitoring and Convenient Control
Our surveillance cameras support connecting to Alexa, which perfectly combines intelligent surveillance with convenient control, enabling you to realize instant access and operation of surveillance images through voice commands or mobile phone applications. This function will bring you a higher level of monitoring experience and home intelligence.
P2P Remote Access – Real-time Monitoring of Mobile phone and Computer
Our surveillance cameras have advanced P2P remote access functions, enabling you to watch real-time surveillance images through mobile phones and computers anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are, you can maintain real-time attention and control of the monitored area.















Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 16 in
AI Functions

Smart Tracking

Shell Material


Color Night Vision


Operating Temperature


IP Rating


App name

Smart Life





TF Card

128G TF Card


Side, Normal

Audio Output

Two Way Audio

Minimum Illumination(Lux)


Viewing Angle


Video Compression Format


IR Distance(m)


Power Supply(V)

DC 12V

Alarm Action

FTP Photo, telephone Alarm, Local Alarm

Power Consumption(W)


Supported Mobile Systems

Android, IOS

Sensor Brand


Special Features

Waterproof / Weatherproof



Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Lens (mm)



IP/Network Wireless

High Definition

8.0 Megapixels


Dome Camera

Brand Name






Smart home platform

Alexa, Tuya, Google Assistant

Automatic Tracking


Motion Detection


Full Color Night Vision


Two-Way Audio


Night Vision


Waterproof Level


Connection Method 1

2.4Ghz WIIF

Connection Method 2

AP Hotspot

Connection Method 3



Tuya Smart Life




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